17sq m BBQ House



45mm Red Pine, Double Glazed

Wall to wall size: 4.515m

Diameter: 4.89m

Height: 4.4m

Roof: 18mm pine panels

Building available with:
A – Benches and Footrests only – £8095.00 inc. vat
B – A + Smoke collection system and Grill – £9095.00 inc. vat
C – B + Lapland Equipment and 7 Reindeer Skins – £10295.00 inc. vat

(Accessories include BBQ grill, reindeer hides, wooden plates/cutlery, wooden guestbook, binoculars, coffee pot + stand, thermometer, pan holder, serviette stand, pair of grill gloves + wooden clock.)

Black felt shingle roof covering is included in the above prices. Other colour options are grey, green, red, brown or copper and are an extra £135.00 inc. vat (Please see page 3 of brochure for colour examples)


also avalaible in 14.9m2 please contact for prices

glass roof panels available too.