Q - What type of base do I require?

Slabs or concrete
All cabin kits include treated base timbers which are approx 70mm x 50mm.
These require a level slab or concrete base.
Since laying slabs or concrete usually requires excavation of site, it is often easier to install a treated timber base.

Treated Timber Base
For smaller cabins, a base frame made from treated timber joists measuring 100mm x 50mm (4" x 2") can be used.
For larger, heavier buildings, we would recommend 145mm x 45mm (6" x 2") joists.
These base frames can be supported on posts, driven into the ground. Concrete blocks or slabs can be used for additional support.

Q -How difficult are the cabins to build?

For competent DIY people, building your own cabin is relatively straightforward.
All kits are pre-cut to millimetre precision, and most manufacturers provide easy-to-follow instructions.

Q - Do Deeside Log Cabins provide a build service?

Yes, we provide a complete installation service locally using experienced trades people.
We can quote for doing a cabin base and build, or build only, if you have a prepared slab or concrete base.


Q -What do people use these cabins for?

We are always learning of different uses for cabins. The most common are:

  • Summerhouse
  • Shed/storage
  • Garage
  • Home office
  • Studio
  • Workshop
  • Games room
  • Music room
  • Teenage Den
  • Entertaining / Dining
  • BBQ House
  • Sauna / Hot Tub
  • Swimming pool
  • Alternative therapy (Too many to list!)
  • Guest accommodation

Q If I am using my cabin all year round, for office or accommodation, do I need insulation and double glazing?

As a minimum, we would advise double glazing and underfloor insulation. Most of our cabins come with the option of double glazing, or it may already be part of the standard kit.

Walls of 44mm log or more do not generally require insulation.

Since these cabins are easy to heat with even a small electric heater, ceiling insulation is not normally required, but could be retro-fitted if need be.

Q - Do I need planning permission for my summerhouse / log cabin ?

These are classed as temporary buildings and do not usually require permission, provided that they are:

  • Under 30 square metres
  • Under 4 metres in height
  • Built at least 1 metre away from a neighbouring boundary, if walls exceed 2.5m high

If in doubt, or if you live in a listed building or conservation area, please contact your local planning office.

Please note that Deeside Log Cabins cannot be held liable for any building erected without planning permission.

Q - Do the cabins come pre-treated?

  • No, all kits are supplied bare timber, and require preservative treatment shortly after erection. If it is not possible to apply the full protection preservative within a couple of weeks of erection, it is advisable to apply a clear, anti-rot treatment. This can be sprayed on easily.
  • Q - Do I need to apply preservative to the inside of the cabin?
  • Walls and ceiling do not normally require treatment. A couple of coats of floor varnish is all that is required.
  • Q - What type of preservative do I need?
  • Because these logs expand and contract with climate changes, a MICROPOROUS (flexible) preservative is required. This is available from a range of manufacturers and is offered in opaque (solid) colours, or transparent, in various shades, where the wood-grain is still visible.
  • Q - Where can I buy the preservative?
  • Deeside Log Cabins stock suitable, high-quality brands, such as BUTINOX, SIKKENS, SADOLIN, RONSEAL and CUPRINOL products, in a range of different colours and shades.

Q -What range of buildings are available?

Styles available include:

Sizes start at approx 2.0m x 2.0m and can go up to almost any size you require!

Q -What log thickness do you offer?

We sell some smaller cabins in 28mm log.
The vast majority are in 44mm log.
Although we can offer 70mm and 90mm in certain ranges

Q - If I can't find what I want in a standard range, do you do bespoke?

Yes, we can pretty much build any size and lay-out you want

Q - What roofing material is provided?

Some manufacturers include rolls of sheet felt within the kit price, and some include felt shingles (tile effect).

We supply felt shingles, in a colour choice of:

  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Grey

(Lugarde cabins can also be ordered with blue or brown shingles)

Cedar shingles can also be supplied at additional cost.